Team shark is a phenomenal, serious, and very high-quality tennis academy. My son has been going there for over 5 years and he still feels like he is learning something new at every lesson. This academy is the perfect blend of professionalism, fun, friendliness, and HIGH INTENSITY. Players feel like they are part of a family. Mark Groetsch is an excellent coach, at Team Shark, with an extensive national and international background as a professional tennis player and as a coach. He possesses a rich background in player development and understands that each player has different abilities and skills. His love, passion, and knowledge of tennis inspire not only my son but me as well, as a parent. Mark has his own very unique coaching techniques to empower his students with multiple weapons in their tennis arsenal to play and win tennis tournaments at all levels. No wonder this tennis academy has given multiple national and international level tennis players and many more are in the making.
Rakesh G
My 12-year-old daughter has been a part of Team Shark Attack Tennis for five years. She takes group lessons, private lessons, and goes to summer camp. Coach Mark is a fantastic coach. He is an outstanding motivator and understands how to push, but not too far. We are grateful to him for patiently correcting my girl's technique. Right now, her groundstrokes have improved with more consistency and accuracy. She has gained better tactical awareness, and the ability to serve confidently. Off the court, Team Shark is very organized and communicates efficiently. Not only do they send out available private timings, but they also send out reminders for each new session so that scheduling is much easier. They also promptly reply to emails and phone messages. If you get the opportunity, spend the time to experience it. Team Shark’s Coach Mark has a specialized approach to the mental, physical and technical aspects of the sport. Highly recommend.
Ying W
Coach Mark is definitely a unique tennis coach with a great personality. Attention to details, motivation and support, ability to find "a key" to a young player.  I see my son's progress since he joined Team Shark Attack and I pleasantly admit this was one of our best decisions. My son's technique improved and what is more important his motivation and "competitiveness" just jumped. Strongly recommend coach Mark and Team Shark Attack to anyone who is interested in the result.
Alex Z
Mark Groetsch is a fantastic coach who truly loves to teach the game of tennis.  He has an incredible understanding of the mechanics of each shot and how to improve the stroke to make it perfect.  His understanding of the game is coupled with his patience, and he takes joy in seeing his students succeed and improve.  My children have been working with Mark for several years and their games have achieved incredible results
John M
My child has had a wonderful experience with Team Shark since the summer camp of 2021. Coach Mark is an enthusiastic preeminent coach with a phenomenal array of knowledge about the game of tennis. He not only provides standard information but goes above and beyond when giving students necessary knowledge to help them on their arduous journey towards greatness. Coach Mark motivates each player to maximize their potential and ultimately achieve a meteoric rise. Both the group and private lessons will drastically improve the tennis skill of anyone eager to learn. The office staff also works diligently with families to arrange applicable schedules and are very patient when answering any relevant questions. The quality of classes is nothing below exquisite, and sessions with these superlative coaches will surely produce an exemplary result
Shirley W
Team Shark is the best tennis club in this area, and Coach Mark Groetsch is the BEST tennis coach. My kids switched to Team Shark in May of 2021. In just for 6 months, they improved dramatically, from technique to mindset and strategy. Mark is a very talented and deeply knowledgeable coach, his ability to help them stay motivated, focused and on-track is just excellent. He translates the knowledge to technical training, conditioning training, and mental training. He challenges them to get out of their comfort zone. As a result, my son has advanced to U12 Level 6 semi-final twice and qualified to U12 level 4 twice, within 6 months. His philosophy applied not only to tennis but to all aspects of life. Also, Team Shark make us feel like a big family, where we are caring, respectful and helping each other to be better version of ourselves. We are so lucky to have Mark as our Tennis coach
Yanyan L