What is Team Shark?

Team Shark is the most revolutionary and unique concept ever developed for tennis training. By breaking the game down into four major components, our innovative system is able to add every essential element needed to produce the most complete tennis player.

Why should I come to Team Shark and not another program?

While other programs talk about success, Team Shark has the results to prove they are the best. We have produced 8 national champions, 11 number one players, and many, many nationally and sectionally ranked players. In addition, countless recreational players that have vastly improved and taken their game to the next level.

No one has the expertise, experience, knowledge, and passion to take your game to the next level like TEAM SHARK!


At Team Shark you are made to feel part of the family. Team Shark members participate in a variety of different off -court activities that include :  Pizza parties, Holiday Parties... and many other fun and bonding experiences that make the Team Shark experience different from anything else.

CONTACT US AT attack10s@comcast.net (215) 651-5867

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